Embark on an alternative sightseeing experience of Gdańsk with Local Guides

60 large-format murals in one of the largest housing estates in Gdańsk –  Zaspa, pretty as a picture The first district that offered walking tours with Local Guides back in 2011 was Zaspa. This is one of the largest clusters (…)


The best way to get to know the various districts of Gdańsk? Local Guides!

J.R.R. Tolkien’s relationship with Poland, Gdańsk and the Zaroślak estate; the birds of Dolne Miasto; the architecture of Nowy Port; traces of the Ferber family in Orunia; the history, architecture, flora and fauna of Oliwa, Slow Art Day in Zaspa. (…)


Visit the alternative Gdansk!

Wanna know the legends of Biskupia Górka and the curiosities of Dolne Miasto? Or get lost among the beautiful yards of Nowy Port? Interested in the famous Gdansk families who had their summer homes in Orunia? Need more info on (…)

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