Outdoor fun and games, a picnic or street festivities – there are many ways to spend time with your neighbours. Our experience from previous editions of the Gdańsk Neighbour Days shows that such meetings may turn out to be a real blast! Thanks to a simple gesture of inviting your neighbours, sharing a meal or organizing ways to spend time together, we can get to know each other and make new friends. Starting from 2016, we have been publishing a summary of these meetings in the form of a Neighbourhood Cookbook packed with recipes provided by the inhabitants of Gdańsk and its vicinity who took part in Gdańsk Neighbour Days. Anyone who registers their event will receive a start-up package to help them prepare the Neighbour Days: a how-to book, posters, invitations, garlands, T-shirts, balloons, cups, plates, bags, visiting cards, the Neighbourhood Cookbook and gadgets for the youngest neighbours.

Each year Gdańsk Neighbour Days host dozens of events for up to 20,000 people.

The most active neighbours who send a photographic account with a short description of the meeting will receive rewards. www.dnisasiadow.pl



Project coordinator

Anna Urbańczyk

Anna Urbańczyk

Coordinator of social projects: Metropolitanki, Active Citizens, Gdańsk Neighbours’ Days and Miniatures of Gdańsk. Graduated from the University of Gdańsk (Cultural Studies), the Adam Mickiewicz University/British Council (Queer Studies, Multicultural Europe), the Academy of Anti-discrimination Training (Villa Decius Association) and from the Specialized School of Social Facilitation to Counteract Discrimination (Anti-discrimination Education Association). Active member of NGOs, including the Anti-discrimination Education Association. Between 2010 and 2011, she coordinated the Polish Social Watch coalition, which published a comprehensive report about poverty and social exclusion in Poland, co-financed by the European Commission. She won the President of the City of Gdańsk’s Award for Young Artists in the Field of Culture, category: Cultural Animation (2008).

e-mail: anna.urbanczyk@ikm.gda.pl