Dear English-speaking Friends! FOR ENGLISH PRESS MONDAY is a series where we present non-English films with English subtitles! We know that there are many people in the Tricity area who don’t feel comfortable reading in Polish. That series is especially for you! Join us every Monday at 7 p.m. 

Tickets are available at the box office or on the website:

Schedule for May:

6th of May | 19:00 | Next to nothing | 2024, Poland | dir. Grzegorz Dębowski | 93’ 

A group of farmers organizes a protest in front of the house of an MP who, contrary to earlier promises, voted against their interests. In the manure they dump, human remains are found.

13th of May | 19:00 | KOS / Scarborn | 2023, Poland, dir. Paweł Maślona | 118’ 

The movie is set in 1794 and follows General Kosciuszko’s rebellion plan against the Russians in Poland. Ignac’s encounter with Domingo brings him to Kosciuszko’s hideout, where he must make a difficult decision.

20th of May | 19:00 | Whale Nation | 2023, France, dir. Jean-Albert Lièvre | 81’ 

A humpback whale is beached on a remote shore. During the fight to save its life, we will discover the story of these extraordinary creatures, denizens of the world’s oceans. Inspired by Heathcote William’s bestselling book, WHALE NATION takes us on a journey of discovery into the unexplored territories and barely known society of whales, with their remarkable abilities and incredibly rich and complex social lives.

27th of May | 19:00 | Rosalie | 2023, France, Belgium, dir. Stéphanie Di Giusto | 115’

In 1870s France, Rosalie is a young woman unlike any other, she hides a secret. She was born with a face and body covered in hair. She is a genuine bearded lady, but she doesn’t want to become a common freak-show. She’s concealed her peculiarity all her life to stay safe, shaving to fit in. Until Abel, an indebted bar owner unaware of her secret, marries her for her dowry. Rosalie’s only wish is to be truly seen as the woman she is despite a difference she no longer wishes to hide. But will Abel be able to love her once he finds out the truth?