FOR ENGLISH PRESS MONDAY is a series where we present non-English films with English subtitles! We know that there are many people in the Tricity area who don’t feel comfortable reading in Polish. That series is especially for you!

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Biala odwaga | dir. Marcin Koszałka / language: Polish | 25th of March

The film tells the story of two Highlander brothers – Maciek and Andrzej. After the death of their father, which Andrzej contributed to, and the loss of his beloved Bronka, Andrzej leaves the family home. On his way, he meets the mysterious Wolfram, an anthropologist and climber. He shares with him his mountaineering technique and knowledge about the Prague origins of the highlanders. Andrzej returns to Zakopane, war breaks out. To protect the Highlanders from wartime destruction, he wants to persuade them to cooperate with the Germans. Andrzej and Maciek are standing on opposite sides of the barricade. The brothers’ confrontation is bloody and painful.

Source: IMDb


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