Over 25,000 people (4 thousand more than last year) took part in neighbourly barbecues, street holidays, picnics and festivals of Gdansk Neighbour Days 2016. 221 meetings were organised, most of them in Wrzeszcz (23), Chełm (15) and Gdańsk Śródmieście (15). How did neighbours spend time together? Check it out here: http://gdansk.dnisasiadow.pl/fotorelacje-2016.

– Our neighbours meeting was preceded by preparations which had lasted couple of days: we wrote out the invitations we received from CCI and we handed them to neighbours from our street, we threw them to all post boxes located in the nearest tenement houses. Moreover, we hung the posters in the most visible spots at ul. Biskupia in Biskupia Górka.

In starter pack, which explains how to get prepared for the meeting, one can also find a handbook “How to organise the Neighbour Days”, Neighbour Cookery Book which contains recipes sent by the organises from previous years, tattoos, cups, napkins, apron, stickers and leaflets designed by Anita Wasik.

The meetings as usual were very successful – says organisers from ul. Chrobrego in Wrzeszcz. – Handing the Neighbour Cookery Book with the recipes we submitted was the primary attraction. As usual playing darts became very popular too. There were other games dedicated for both children and adults. The meeting was finished in the evening with common dancing and singing accompanied by guitar music.

Many meetings were held in other districts of Gdańsk as well as beyond them: 12 in Przeróbka and Siedlce, 9 in Matarnia, 8 in Kokoszki, 7 in Osowa, 6 in Żabianka and Brzeźno. We encourage all of you to get involved in this neighbour holiday. In 2017 the second edition of Neighbour Cookery Book will be published. We will be collecting the recipes this year!
You will find more information and reports from 2016 here: www.gdansk.dnisasiadow.pl/.

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In 2017 another Neighbour Cookery Book will be published and it will contain the recipes of neighbours who organised the meetings in 2016. The recipes for starters, salads, soups, main courses, barbecue meals, desserts, drinks, preserves, juices and cocktails can be submitted till September 18 at ksiazka@dnisasiadów.pl, by post or in person in City Culture Institute (ul. Długi Targ 39/40, 80-830 Gdańsk.) We would highly appreciate the recipes which ingredients are adjusted to various diets – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, for people suffering from diabetics – or recipes with the possibility of modifying the ingredients so that everyone can try the proposed meals.

Organised by: City of Gdańsk, City Culture Institute, Gdańsk Community Foundation, Municipal Police in Gdańsk.

Partners: Spółka miejska GIWK

Media patrons: Trójmiasto.pl, Twoja Gazeta, Radio Złote Przeboje