The Gdańsk Film Fund was established in April 2022 and operates within the structures of The City Culture Institute.

The priority goals of the Gdańsk Film Fund are:


  • culture-forming role – supporting good film productions and showing Gdańsk as a city with a unique character, culture and values
  • cultural-economic role – development of Gdańsk as a centre for the growth of film culture – supporting the progress of the film community: producers, production and post-production.

The basis for financial support of the films is the Competition organised by the Gdańsk Film Fund.


The City Culture Institute will participate in projects selected in the competition as a co-producer. The participation of the Gdańsk Film Fund in the film cannot exceed 50% of the planned production costs.


The main criteria for co-financing films is linking the film production with Gdańsk – as a place where the film is made, as a theme, through the participation of Gdańsk authors and entrepreneurs and local expenses.


Due to the date of announcement of the competition in the first edition, the producer has to spend 100% of the awarded amount in the area of Gdańsk.


Film productions are assessed in three stages: formal, expert (substantive and organisational) and strategic assessments of the GFF Program Council.

The strategic evaluation takes into account, in addition to the film’s artistic and economic-financial values, such criteria as the link between the film and Gdańsk: in terms of the theme of the film and in terms of the setting the film in different places located Gdańsk, the city’s cultural attractions. The criteria are described in detail in the Competition Terms and Conditions available at


The call for projects for the competition of the Gdańsk Film Fund is announced once a year. Producers applying for a financial contribution for their project under the Gdańsk Film Fund should submit an appropriate application available at

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