Accessibility statement for the website

The City Culture Institute undertakes to ensure the accessibility of its website under the Digital Accessibility of Public Entity Websites and Mobile Apps Act of 4 April 2019. This accessibility statement applies to the City Culture Institute website.

  • Date of website publication: 2021-03-12.
  • Date of last major update: 2023-03-30.

Compliance with the act

The website partially complies with the Digital Accessibility of Public Entity Websites and Mobile Apps Act of 4 April 2019 due to inconsistencies or exclusions listed below.

Unfulfilled requirements

  • Not all films have subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Some graphics do not have alternative descriptions.
  • The contrast ratio of some website elements is too low.
  • No information on emergencies.
  • Some downloadable documents are missing information about the format, language and file size.

Preparing the accessibility statement

Statement prepared on: 2023-03-30.

The statement is the result of a self-evaluation carried out by the public entity.

Statement last reviewed on: 2023-03-30.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • You can use the standard browser keyboard shortcuts on the website.

Feedback and contact data

Should you experience any problems with our website accessibility, do not hesitate to contact us. You can either write to Monika Masalon at or call 664976052. This is also how you can request access to unavailable information or complain about insufficient accessibility.

Processing accessibility requests and complaints

Please get in touch if you encounter any problems with our website’s digital accessibility. My name is Monika Masalon, and you can e-mail me at or call 664 976 052.
Write me with a request to provide digital accessibility. Provide your data – your full name and how you wish to be contacted – via e-mail or phone. You also need to provide your e-mail address or phone number. Please describe the accessibility problem in detail.

You can also request alternative access most convenient for you, such as reading an unavailable document or describing the content of a film.

I will try to process your request as soon as possible, but bear in mind that this may take up to 7 days. If the matter proves difficult and I need more time to process it, I will get back to you before the lapse of said 7 days. I will inform you about the estimated time needed to ensure digital accessibility. This may take up to 2 months, but not more than that.

Should ensuring availability prove impossible, I will offer you alternative access in the forms described above. You may agree to that or not.

If I refuse to ensure accessibility or alternative access, you may file a complaint. Describe the situation and send the complaint to my institution.

If this does not solve the problem, you may contact the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Website of the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Architectural accessibility

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