Episodes (Odcinki) are a new series created in 2016 by the City Culture Institute. They combine music, video art, theatre, performances and other genres. Every Episode is going to be site-specific, absorbed in a particular venue, directly emerging and referring to it.


The Misophonic Episode was designed to be a sensual journey through the emotions and sounds connected with the experience of MISOPHONIA. The main route of the event will be based on the music activities of the Great Misophonic Orchestra (Wielka Orkiestra Mizofoniczna), eating and AFFECTIVE body movements. Yours as well.


It’s dark in here. Total DARKNESS. You can feel heavy amplitudes of the sound and ground. You enter the oversensitive ear of the city. You pass through its next episodes. You activate the ecosystem, which starts to pulsate with its own rhythm. The sound is spreading, rubbing you. Plug in. Try it. Listen to it: the intimacy of the situation can fray your nerves.



Project coordinator

Natalia Cyrzan

Natalia Cyrzan

Graduated from the University of Gdańsk (English Philology; major: theory of translation). She also studied acting and directing as a part of a scholarship at the University of Northern Iowa in the United States of America. She won the Rector of the University of Gdańsk’s award for best students in 2002 and the City of Gdańsk’s Award for Young Artists in the Field of Culture in 2010. She is a project manager at the CCI and manages or co-manages Streetwaves, Narrations, series of lectures and meetings as well as concert in the Institute and in other spaces of Gdańsk. She also conducted the BYOB – Bring Your Own Beamer series of events and the event merging music and art titled “Pożegnanie ze światem” [Good-bye to the World]. Her interests include theatre, art and literature – in her private life she translates literature and poetry, e.g. Derek Jarman. Recently, she has been developing her knowledge in the field of animal studies. She lives in Górny Wrzeszcz.
e-mail: natalia.cyrzan@ikm.gda.pl

phone: 664976235