Stanisław Moniuszko’s The Haunted Manor, Halka, Spinning Song and The Goldfish are just some of the musical treats you’ll be able to hear on the narrow Główne Miasto streets. They will act as introduction to the main show of the day: a live broadcast of Paria on Targ Węglowy. Jerzy Snakowski and Katarzyna Hołysz will provide live commentary to the opera. The mini-recitals will take place between 3 and 5 p.m., while the opera broadcast on Targ Węglowy is scheduled for 6 p.m. Admission is free. To take part, pick up your free pass before the event.

The City Culture Institute wants to celebrate the ongoing Moniuszko Year, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the composer’s birth, with a special edition of Opera on Targ Węglowy. Music fans will be able to see Stanisław Moniuszko’s Paria on the big LED screen (live broadcast from the Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań), hear mini-recitals as part of the Liberated Opera series, and send their children to a special workshop organised to introduce them to the opera.

‘Stanisław Moniuszko’s Paria is a somewhat surprising opera. This penultimate work composed by the author of Halka and The Haunted Manor astonished the audience during its premiere. Instead of familiar tales about noble manors and unhappy highlanders, the listeners were faced with a narrative based of social inequalities set in far-off India. Neala, member of a privileged caste, learns that her beloved is hiding his lowly background. He is a pariah from the ‘scorned caste’. Unfortunately, his mystery comes to light’, explains Jerzy Snakowski.

Liberated Opera – programme

3 p.m., stoop of the Pod Żółwiem Library, 111/11 Św. Ducha St.

St. Moniuszko, The Goldfish
St. Moniuszko, The Dangerous Girl

St. Moniuszko, Jadwiga’s Dumka from The Haunted Manor
G. Verdi, Azucena’s aria from The Troubadour

Performed by: Karolina Sikora (mezzosoprano), Liana Korunna (grand piano)

ca. 3.45 p.m., stoop of the Voivodeship and City Public Library (WiMBP), 42 Mariacka St.
St. Moniuszko, Soldier’s Song

St. Moniuszko, the Sword-bearer’s aria from The Haunted Manor
G. Verdi, the Toreador’s aria from Carmen

Performed by: Leszek Skrla (baritone), Łukasz Jankowski (grand piano)

ca. 4.15 p.m., stoop of the IBB Hotel, 14/16 Długi Targ St.
St. Moniuszko, Spinning Song

St. Moniuszko, Halka’s aria from Halka

G. Bizet, Habanera from Carmen

Performed by: Karolina Sikora (mezzosoprano), Liana Korunna (grand piano)

Opera for children: workshop

Paulina Wilczyńska and Magdalena Nanowska, artists of the Baltic Opera in Gdańsk, have organised a workshop introducing children to the world of opera. The meeting will take place on 29 June at 11 a.m. in the CCI building (39/40 Długi Targ St.). Register at: The workshop is addressed to children aged 6-10.

Opera on Targ Węglowy: Stanisław Moniuszko, Paria | 30 June, 6 p.m.

Opera in three acts. Libretto: Jan Chęciński, based on a tragedy by Casmir Delavigne.  Produced by: Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań.

Conductor: Gabriel Chmura, director: Graham Vick, set design: Samal Blak, choreography: Ron Howell, lighting design: Giuseppe di Iorio, choir conductor: Mariusz Otto.

Performed by: Dominik Sutowicz (Idamor), Monika Mych-Nowicka (Neala), Szymon Kobyliński (Akebar), Mikołaj Zalasiński (Jares), Pavlo Tolstoy (Ratef)

Organized by the City Culture Institute

In cooperation with the Baltic State Opera in Gdańsk

Partners: The Stanisław Moniuszko Grand Theatre in Poznań, Opera Vision and the Grand Theatre – Polish National Opera in Warsaw

Media patrons: Radio Gdańsk, Tró, Magazyn PRESTO