Looking for creative staycation ideas? Throughout July and August, the City Culture Institute is organising art and architectural workshops. On almost every Tuesday and Friday, between 10 am and 3 pm, Margareta Sobczak will be holding workshops for kids aged 7-14.  The cost of one meeting is PLN 10. To find out more and register, e-mail margareta.sobczak@ikm.gda.pl.

“During Tuesday workshops, we are going to learn various art techniques (such as linocut, photography or film) and discover different artists. On Fridays, we will turn into architects and urban planners. We’ll see what materials may be used to make houses and what types of houses are built in various corners of the world”, explains Margareta Sobczak.

The meetings will also include some games from the childhood of the participants’ parents and grandparents. The children will get to know universal (even if slightly forgotten) outdoor games. Holidays at the CCI are about having fun, being creative, smiling a lot and using your imagination.

The meetings take place between 10 am and 3 pm at the City Culture Institute.
Workshop schedule and subjects:

Art Tuesdays:

02/07 Who exactly is an artist?

09/07 Dada. On the art of collage

16/07 Kaleidoscope – let’s talk abstract art

23/07 A bike, a doll… Ready-made sculptures

13/08 The world of dreams: what is this Surrealism all about?

20/08 The world created by the sun. Luxography

27/08 Marble painting: let’s talk actionism

Architectural Fridays:

05/07 Urban shapes

12/07 A house made of straw or stone

19/07 The ear, the nose, the eye… How do we discover buildings?

16/08 Let’s design the child-friendly city of our dreams

23/08 Zooutopia or how our animals live

30/08 Imaginary houses