For the last three years, the City Culture Institute has supported activities in the scope of cultural education in Gdańsk and the region under the Network of Culture project. ‘Very Young Culture 2019-2021 – Pomeranian Province’, the fourth edition of the competition for projects promoting a synergy between the worlds of culture and education, was launched on 18 July. Applications may be sent in two categories, and the total amount of funding is PLN 51,000. For more information, go to:

In previous editions of the competition, grants were given to organisers and partners from Luzin, Subkowe, Główczyce, Chojnice, Czarna Dąbrówka, Słupsk, Gdańsk, Wejherowo and Człuchów, among others. Initiatives proposed by educators and cultural organisers from the region led to a workshop combining comic books and philosophy, theatre performances, a children’s book on emotions, painting and claymaking workshops, project swaps and intergenerational meetings.

‘We are hoping to see another good year in the cultural education sector in Gdańsk and the region. The Very Young Culture programme supports joint projects prepared by people and entities from the educational and cultural sector. We hope to again receive many amazing proposals. Importantly, those wanting to apply for funding have to participate in compulsory workshops taking place on 20-21 August and 22-23 August. Applications may be send until 30 August’, explains Agata Andrasiak-Czarnecka from the City Culture Institute.

Who may take part in the competition? Natural persons, informal teams (of at least 2 persons), public sector entities and non-governmental organisations

that: reside and/or pursue cultural and/or educational activity within the Pomeranian Province and are of full legal age. The team has to include at least one representative of the culture sector and one representative of the educational sector; this cooperation may also be ensured by a partner/partners participating in the project.

What are the available grants? The committee will select 6 projects that will receive funding. These will include ‘small’ projects for beginners and ‘large’ ones for experienced applicants. ‘Small’ projects may receive up to PLN 5,000 and ‘large’ ones – PLN 12,000. The total amount earmarked for activities under the programme is PLN 51,000.

Terms and conditions of participation. In order to participate in the competition, you first have to attend a compulsory workshop in one of the two available dates:  20-21/08/2019 or 22-23/08/2019. In order to take part, you have to correctly fill in the registration form published on on 23 July and send it until 12 August. Whether or not you qualify for the workshop will depend on the quality of your answers contained in the form. This is not a ‘first come, first served’ situation. Then, until 30 August, you have to submit the competition application presenting your cultural education project based on a partnership between the educational and cultural sectors.

The proposed activities may take place between 16 September and 25 October 2019 within the Pomeranian Province.

How will the competition be scored? All applications will be examined by a specially appointed committee composed of persons with a cultural and/or educational background. Each project will be scored on the 0-100 points scale. For detailed criteria, rules and regulations and appendices, go to The results will be published on until 9 September 2019.

For more information on the competition, please contact Monika Leszczyńska at 797 350 135, e-mail:

The City Culture Institute has received funding from the National Centre for Culture for the next three years (2019-2021) of cultural and educational networking in Gdańsk and the region. Activities organised under the Network of Culture project will be continued as part of NCC’s Very Young Culture programme.