Dear participants!

The Marketing in Culture 2020 conference will not take place on the planned date, i.e. the 7-8th of April. The progress of the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing and the number of cases is increasing in Poland. One way to stop the spread of the virus is limiting traveling and avoiding events with a large number of people.

The Marketing in Culture Conference. Communication – Trends – Practice in Gdansk is such an event, planned for 750 people! We want to provide you with a valuable and safe event. Therefore, we are changing the date of the conference.

The new date of the Marketing in Culture Conference is the 28-29th of September, 2020. It will be held at the Polish Baltic Philharmonic on Olowianka, as we planned before. Additionally, the workshop part will take place at the nearby National Maritime Museum in Gdansk. Tickets for the event remain valid and the program remains generally unchanged.

Additional information will be sent to people who bought tickets for the workshop. At the moment, however, there will be no major changes in the workshop program and registration for it remains standing.

People who cannot make the new date, will receive a refund.

Tickets return 

If for any reason, one is unable to attend the Marketing in Culture Conference on September 28-29th, please send an email requesting a refund to: Please, include the following information: first and last name of the person / people who want to receive the return and the bank account number to which the return is to be send.The returns’ procedure is quite long. We kindly ask for your patience in advance and at the same time we undertake to execute them within 21 days of notification.

How does the return procedure work?

A VAT invoice was issued for each paid ticket. To make a refund, the Institute’s accounting must issue a correction invoice for each VAT invoice.

1. An invoice correction will be sent to the person requesting the return by email.

2. Next, please print two copies of the document and have it sign by the accountancy of your institution / company / organization.

3. Please send two copies with signatures by post to the City Culture Institute, to the following address: ul. Długi Targ 39/40, 80-830 Gdańsk with the note #MwK2020.

4. After receiving two signed correction invoices, Institute’s accounting will sign these copies.

5. One copy is sent back to the applicant for the refund, the other is the basis for refunding from the Institute’s account.

6. The money will be transferred to a bank account, the correction invoice signed by the Institute will be sent by post to the claimant for reimbursement.

Best wishes and lots of health!

Marta Bańka, Martyna Gutowska, Magdalena Nestorowicz, Monika Serafin-Szymczak