Pandemic time is negatively impacting artists and creators of culture as well. The city of Gdansk has already offered 700 000 zloty for extra scholarships. The City Culture Institute is joining in supporting artistic and cultural community – we are dedicating 100 000 zloty from the Institute’s budget to create the online exhibition, Gdansk 2020 – says Aleksandra Szymanska, director of the City Culture Institute.

– We are proposing to act collectively in response to the situation in which we are right now. Through open enrollment, we invite artists associated with Gdansk to co-create the online exhibition, Gdansk 2020. We will present new works, as well as already existing ones that have gained new context on the internet platform. We are offering the same royalties in the amount of 2000 zloty to all the artists and we will present 50 works in the first stage of the project – says Szymanska.

The theme of the exhibition, Gdansk 2020 is the situation in the time of crisis, uncertainty, isolation that we face, dangers, but also chances, feels, worries. We are interested in the individual context, the situation of creative community, city, relations. Description of the work is just as important for both new and existing works that gained a new interpretation.

Gdansk 2020 will be an interdisciplinary collection. We are accepting visual, audiovisual, music, performative and literary creations – the requirement is proposing an online presentation method. Open intake for the exhibition is a form of support for artists and culture creators. Project’s budget comes from the funds planned for the Institute’s events, which due to the pandemic won’t take place or will, but in redacted form.

Other forms of support offered by the Institute include, among others, free webinar on negotiating copyright agreements with clients, which will take place on April 16th and 17th between 12.00 – 13.30 (entries:, or a constantly updated list of forms of support for artists and creators of culture in Poland:

How to join in creating the Gdansk 2020 exhibition?

The call for entries for the exhibition is open. We invite you to complete the form and send it no later than April 21st, by 12pm. By April 27th, the creators will be informed of the results. The deadline for sending selected works to the organizers is May 12th. The project’s budget is 100 000 zloty gross.

Contact person: Natalia Cyrzan,, tel. +48 502 028 653.

What are the participation criteria?

The call is open to artists and creators living in Gdansk or creatively associated with Gdansk. Works can be submitted by individual artists as well as groups or artistic collectives. To submit work for exhibition, you must send a completed form containing a description – the concept of the work and a comment on how the work fits into the theme. For existing works, please submit the work in a form of a digital file.

The creation’s description and context are basic selection criteria. The collection will be a repertory of individual works and artistic statements – the descriptions will be part of the presented works (in the final form agreed with the artists). The theme of the Gdansk 2020 exhibition is the situation in the time of crisis, uncertainty, isolation that we face, dangers, but also chances, feels and worries. We are interested in the individual context, the situation of the creative community, city, relations. The job description is just as significant for both new and existing works that gained new interpretation.

Conditions: the royalty for the artist (or collective) for the work submitted is 2000 zloty gross. Works will be submitted under a non-exclusive license, unlimited in time (the exhibition will be archived). Due to the project budget, the Organizer can accept a limited number of creations (50 works in the first phase).

Each artist can submit a maximum of 3 works. However, it has been agreed that one creator can receive a maximum honorarium up to 2000 zloty gross for an individual work’s license and participate in a maximum one group’s honorarium, that the artist is part of. Royalty for the collective or group also amounts to 2000 zloty gross and is divided equally between its members or differently, depending on the rules in the particular group.

Scholarship, grants, declarations and postulates – special programs for artists and people of culture.

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