Books on urban issues, gadgets related to projects implemented at CCI or based on Gdansk sources from the public domain – all this is already available at The virtual shelves include, among others, poetry volumes published as part of the European Poet of Freedom series, publications on translation related to the Gdansk Literary Meetings “Found in Translation” or the results of the Cultural Observatory’s research. For one week (June 24th – July 1st, 2020) there is a cultural promotion, prices are 20% lower.

Publishing is one of the permanent elements of the City Culture Institute functioning. Along with the shop opening, up for sale will be the volumes published in two languages ​​- poet’s national language and Polish, the volumes nominated for the European Poet of Freedom Award, publications on literary translation: the comic book “In translators’ head” edited by Tomasz Pind, “Back and forth. With translators about translations” by Adam Pluszko or “Five times about translation” by Malgorzata Lukasiewicz, laureate of the Award of the President of Gdansk for the T. Boy-Zelenski’s translations.

– We also plan to develop the sale of gadgets associated with Gdansk. In order to do that, we will build cooperation with designers and other creators from Gdansk. To begin with, we will include a collection of items with imprints “found” in the public domain as part of the “Found” project. We will also encourage residents to share with us their found motives, for example related to Gdansk districts – says Aleksandra Szymańska, director of the City Culture Institute.

During the first week of the store’s operation, there is a cultural promotion to start with. When purchasing, please enter the password: “inspirujemywspieramytworzymy”, and the discount will be calculated automatically. This is not the only way for beneficial shopping! People subscribed to the CCI newsletter will receive discount codes for selected products every month. Newsletter subscription via the website:

In the CCI store you can also buy Gdansk-related publications: “Gdansk. A biography of the city ”and “Gdansk. Literary Guide “by Peter Oliver Loew, “Gdansk Identities” edited by Basil Kerski or “The Royal Route” by Anna Rys, Bartlomiej Siek and Agnieszka Witczak, and inspired by themes, books and drawings from the public domain: the coloring book “German-Polish phrasebooks of the 17th century.” and “Mateusz Deisch. Gdansk developers. Reprint of engravings from 1763”.

The “Research” section includes reports and books related to the activities of the Cultural Observatory. The latest publication, “Occupation artist” by Dr. Natalia Brylowska, explores how the language of art and the language of economy interpermeate, and answers the question of how the young generation of artists perceives themselves in these two spaces. “A game of culture. Transformations in the field of culture in the era of enlargement” is a summary of the transformation of the contemporary field of culture prepared by Agata Bachorz, Cezary Obracht-Prondzynski, Krzysztof Stachura and Piotr Zbieranek. In the “Research” section, you can also buy a classic review of research reports from Agata Bachorz and Krzysztof Stachura, “In search of contact points. Reconstruction of the discourse on the problems of (non) participation in culture ”.

Lovers of Gdansk districts and history will surely be pleased with the section (maybe better: category) of digital publications. There are free districts’ guides, which are showed by Local Guide: Biskupia Gorka, Dolne Miasto and Stare Przedmiescie, Nowy Port, Orunia, Oliwa, and the Monumental Painting Collection. The second, free digital publication are coloring pages with German-Polish conversations from the 17th century, illustrated by Maria Apoleika – the creators of the popular comic book “Psie Sucharki”.

In preparation: perfect for summer, washable tattoos promoting the premiere translation of the manuscript of Nathanael Gerlach’s diary from the trip from Gdansk to the Netherlands. Unique illustrations of animals, plants and buildings by Jacob Teodor Klein – a well-known Gdansk citizen, member of the Gdansk Nature Society – will be an unusual souvenir from the sea.

The publication prices range from PLN 20 to PLN 79. Orders can be paid directly in the store using Blik payments, fast online payments and by credit card. Shipments are delivered by courier or to a parcel locker. It is also possible to collect in person at the City Culture Institute at ul. Dlugi Targ 39/40.