The Metropolitanka – witamy / ласкаво просимо / добро пожаловать project, in which people from Ukrainian and Russian speaking communities, who live in Pomerania, guided the Woman’s Trails around Gdansk Shipyard, has ended. The activities are summed up by two film walks: in Ukrainian and Russian. City Culture Institute invites you to watch the materials that are posted on our YouTube channel with Polish subtitles:

The Metropolitanka – welcome project / ласкаво просимо / добро пожаловать consisted of free training sessions to prepare participants for the role of guides, on topics like the industrial heritage of the Gdansk Shipyard; heritage of Solidarity, “herstory” and guide activities. The next step was to conduct walks in Ukrainian and Russian.

Many enthusiastic people with very high competences applied to participate in the project. Due to the limited audience for live meetings, we collaborated with a total of 30 people. The organisation of walks that were to top out the project was also made difficult because of pandemic. Although walks were very popular, we could meet in the field only seven times, and with a limited audience, so we decided to create film walks – says Anna Urbanczyk from City Culture Insitute, project coordinator.

In order to introduce the story about women working in Gdansk Shipyard to wider Ukrainian and Russian-speaking audience living in Pomerania, two film walks were created, in which participants of the project talk about their favorite topics: launching ships and ships’ godmothers, working in the canteen, difficult work of isulators and fitters, Anne Walentyowicz or Alina Pienkowska …

Each of the film walks lasts around 10 minutes, we invite you to watch it!

Russian version:

Ukrainian version:

The lectures and webinar that took place in the summer were recorded and are available online in Ukrainian and Russian on the our YouTube channel:

Metropolitanka – welcome / ласкаво просимо / добро пожаловать project was co-funded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund.

Project partners: Immigrant Support Center, Union of Ukrainians in Poland – club in Gdansk, European Solidarity Center.

Movies Metropolitanka – witamy / ласкаво просимо / добро пожаловать

Scenario: Anna Urbanczyk and people participating in the project

Production: City Culture Institute

Producer: Anna Urbanczyk

Photos, editing: Kamila Chomicz

Photos from the drone: Dawid Walczyna

Substantive consultations: Anna Miler, Anna Zielinska-Fedoruk, Magdalena Stormowska

Language consultancy: Liliia Antoniuk

Translation editing: Kaja Makowska

Proofreading: Katarzyna Tarnowska