Literary residency program will be launched in Gdansk, dedicated to authors, writers and translators from Poland, as well as authors from Belarus. City Culture Institute is announcing a recruitment in which three residents will be selected for a 4 to 8 week stay in Gdansk. Enrollment lasts until August 29th, 2021.

The “Literary Residency” program is carried out in cooperation with Krakow (Krakow Festival Office) and Warsaw (Staromiejski Community Center), as well as the Literary Union and the Association of Literary Translators. More details on the website

Residents will be provided with an apartment in Midtown, substantive and logistical support, fee of up to PLN 3,000 gross per month. The guests will also be involved in the literary activities of the City Culture Institute. Residencies in Gdansk give the opportunity to spend several weeks in the city for creative work and getting to know the local art scene.

Among the submitted applications, the residents will be selected by a committee composed of: Aleksandra Szymanska (City Culture Institute), Ana Matusevič (City Culture Institute), Isabela Morska (Association of Literary Union), Malgorzata Glasenapp (Association of Literary Translators).

Enrollment lasts until August 29th, 2021, and is open to authors from Poland and Belarus, as well as translators from Poland who meet the following criteria:

– have at least one book, volume of poetry or a translation published in print,

– currently working on a literary project.

This year, translators and interpreters from Slovenian, Ukrainian, Albanian and Czech can apply for a residency for translators.

A residence for artists from Belarus is also part of the Art Residences – Belarus program, in which since March this year, several dozen cultural organizations started to work in solidarity all over Poland, including the City Culture Institute.

Residence periods:

residency for translators: 1 calendar month (in the period from 1 to 31 October)

residency for writers from Poland: 2 calendar months (in the period from October 1 to November 30)

residency for authors from Belarus: 2 calendar months (in the period from October 1 to November 30)

How to apply?

The application should be sent within the scheduled period to the following address:

Entry should include:

– completed form,

– CV with a list of published literary works,

– a cover letter with a description of the work concept for the duration of the Residency (no longer than 5000 characters with spaces),

– a passage from published work (maximum 10 A4 pages).

Download the program regulations: regulations in Polish | regulations in Russian | regulations in Belarusian

Download the application form: the form in Polish-English-Belarusian | form in Russian

The results of the recruitment will be announced by September 10th, 2021.