Words are free and poetry is invading the city. Read poetry every day

A take-away coffee with a poem, free poem giveaways, reader-friendly areas in Główne Miasto arranged with the support of IKEA Gdańsk, poems on public transport, billboards, poster pillars, in shop windows, on walls, in pubs and restaurants. Poetry in the (…)


Freedom Reading Room on Kobzdeja Square | 1-4 June, 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Between 1 and 4 June, the Dariusza Kobzdeja square will turn into a workshop space and a literary meeting place. Agnieszka Michajłow, Jacek Naliwajek, Maciej Kosycarz and Maciej Drzewicki will talk about press articles from 1989–2019. Andrzej Kasperek, Krystyna Chwin (…)


Gdańsk hosts the Festival of Children’s Literature for the fifth time

Gdańsk and Kraków – these cities will host this year’s edition of the Festival of Children’s Literature. A large-scale event with a dynamic programme, packed with diverse, interdisciplinary events: from workshops and meetings with children’s book authors and illustrators to (…)

Insytut kultury Miejskiej 2016