Since 2009 NARRACJE has been exploring new urban themes and histories. Artistic interventions addressed to public space of Gdańsk districts enrich ordinary places with new context and enable us to rediscover them. Narracje had the following curators so far: Bettina Peltz (2009 – 2011), Steven Matijcio (2012), Rob Garrett (2013), Anna Witkowska and Adam Witkowski (2014). Throughout the years the festival has been organised in Dolne Miasto in Gdańsk, Gdańsk Główny, Stare Miasto (Old Town), Gdańsk Stocznia, Długie Ogrody, and Wrzeszcz Dolny. In 2015 with the curator Anna Smolak we headed out of the city centre – to Nowy Port. Stach Szabłowski – the curator of the eighth edition of NARRACJE set Biskupia Górka, located 60.8 m a.s.l., as a new venue for the festival.




The eighth NARRACJE edition will take place in Biskupia Górka, Gdańsk, on the 21st – 22nd October 2016. The Stach Szabłowski concept Kingdom at 60.8 m a.s.l won this year’s competition. Stach Szabłowski is an art critic, publicist and curator of Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. City Culture Institute and Gdańsk City Gallery would like to invite you for the next urban NARRACJE!

Eleven curators were asked to submit their projects for the eighth NARRACJE festival; they suggested Biskupia Górka and Brzeźno districts. The winning district is located near the city centre but it isn’t the first choice for tourists and citizens. It is changing thanks to the walks with our Local Guides organised from 2012. 60.8 m a.s.l. refers to the height of Biskupia Górka.

Organised by: City Culture Institute, co-organised by: Gdańsk City Gallery

Information and archive from the previous editions:


Project coordinator

Joanna Weltrowska

Graduated from the University of Gdańsk (History of Art) and completed post-graduate courses in Culture Marketing organized by the National Centre for Culture in cooperation with the University of Warsaw. Before August 2012, she was the Culture Officer at the President’s Office in the City Hall in Gdańsk and her duties included coordinating cultural projects on behalf of the Office (including Streetwaves, Narrations) and managing scholarship programmes for artists. Currently, she works as a Project Organization Specialist at the City Culture Institute and her work includes projects implemented in the public space such as: Narrations. Installations and Interventions in the Public Space, Opera at the Coal Market.


phone: 785852016


Bartosz Więcławski

Graduated from the University of Gdańsk (Cultural Studies), currently a student of the Philological Post-Graduate Course in Film Studies. Since 2011, affiliated with CCI, where he performs and promotes such events as Narrations or Streetwaves.


Insytut kultury Miejskiej 2016