Ready for a stroll in the artful utopia of a modernistic high-rise estate of Zaspa? Since 1997, the brutalist architecture of the estate has been decorated with monumental murals that today make up the Monumental Art Collection. The collection holds 59 pieces painted by artists from all around the world. This is the only collection of its kind in the world, with numerous murals reaching 36 meters into the sky. A must-see for any street art fan. Street art, graffiti, figurative art, abstract art, conceptualism, you name it. Brush, roller, spray paint, stencil, dripping, we’ve got it all. M-City, Ozmo, 2501, Zosen, Same84, Qbic, and many more. Zaspa is not only about murals. The estate is built on a hexagonal plan, with spacious courts filled with trees, playgrounds and grassy hills. It’s built on the grounds of a former airfield – the runway is still here! This where Lech Walesa lived during the days of communist regime and where Graf Zeppelin landed in 1932. Take a sunny walk with a local guide and get to know all the stories hidden in this surprisingly beautiful neighbourhood.

Saturday, 11 August, 4.00 PM

Meeting point: Gdańsk Zaspa, Pilotów 11 at the Plama Culture Centre
Registration: Monday – Friday 10.00 – 18.00, phone + 48 58 301 2016, e-mail:
Guide: Jarek Orłowski – Works as an information developer at an IT company, that is teaches computers to speak human. After hours, devoted cyclist and photographer, fan of street art and modernistic architecture, travelling the world with art as the guide.

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