NARRACJE in Biskupia Górka. Whose works are we going to see in October?

We already know the artists for the eighth edition of the NARRACJE festival, which is going to take place on 21 and 22 October 2016 in Biskupia Górka in Gdańsk. Who is going to present the works which will relate (…)

Visit districts of Gdańsk with Local Guides

City Culture Institute introduces the sixth summer season of free walks with Local Guides. You can visit Biskupia Górka, Dolne Miasto, Zaspa, and Nowy Port from June 20th. From July Orunia will join in as a new district on the (…)

New murals are to be created in Zaspa. Who? Where? What?

Geometrical patterns, mural as a stained glass, flags of countries, ethnic groups, regions, or people looking for the simplest solutions – these are the projects proposed by the artists of the eighth and last edition of Monumental Art Festival in (…)

Opening of Monumental Art Festival. Last time in Zaspa

This is the end of the Festival, but not the end of the collection – says Barbara Sroka from the City Culture Institute. The last opening parade with live music will take place on July 8 at 6:00pm next to (…)

Interviews with artists from Monumental Art Festival 2016

What are they waiting for, what did they paint and how was it to work on the scaffoldings reaching 12 floors? On July 8, Monumental Art Collection in Zaspa expanded with 4 murals, which altogether gives 58 large-format works. The (…)

Friends from the Seaside (Znajomi znad morza) in Wroclaw

Friends from the Seaside (Znajomi znad morza) is a project presenting Tricity artists in Wroclaw as part of the Koalicja Miast initiative, which includes Gdansk – the twinned town of the ECC Wroclaw 2016. The project is a combination of various ideas (…)

Gdansk Neighbour Days break another record!

Over 25,000 people (4 thousand more than last year) took part in neighbourly barbecues, street holidays, picnics and festivals of Gdansk Neighbour Days 2016. 221 meetings were organised, most of them in Wrzeszcz (23), Chełm (15) and Gdańsk Śródmieście (15). (…)

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