Walk of the Gdańsk Shipyard with Metropolitanka

During the special tour of the Gdańsk Shipyard on July 6th, participants discover the herstories of Solidarity activists as well as the everyday reality of the August 1980 strike and work in the shipyard. Guides talk about the most notable (…)

The best way to get to know the various districts of Gdańsk? Local Guides!

J.R.R. Tolkien’s relationship with Poland, Gdańsk and the Zaroślak estate; the birds of Dolne Miasto; the architecture of Nowy Port; traces of the Ferber family in Orunia; the history, architecture, flora and fauna of Oliwa, Slow Art Day in Zaspa. (…)

What do music festivals look like BEHIND THE SCENES? A new series of meetings at the City Culture Institute

How do professionals begin to plan an event? Where do they look for ideas and what is their inspiration behind the line-up? What does their day-to-day work look like? BEHIND THE SCENES – a new series of events organized by (…)

New Media Academy – the second edition of our comprehensive course for cultural sector employees

Professional workshops held by the best practitioners and experts in their fields, an atmosphere of cooperation, networking in a small group of participants, plus a lot of knowledge on new media and technologies used in culture – in a nutshell, (…)

The European Poet of Freedom Programme

The European Poet of Freedom is the only Polish festival dedicated to the latest European poetry. We are constantly on the lookout for new developments in the poetry world, too impatient to wait for fresh voices to become established classics. (…)

The City Culture Institute at the Gdańsk Book Fair

The Gdańsk Book Fair – the first event of that scale in the Pomerania region – aims to present a wide range of literary genres. From mainstream fiction, renowned authors and best-selling writers to débuts. From prose and poetry, to (…)

The 2018 Marketing in Culture Conference. Communication – Trends – Practice.

The 2018 Marketing in Culture Conference. Communication – Trends – Practice stands for two days of inspiring meetings and practical workshops. The event, organized on 1-2 March by the City Culture Institute in Gdańsk, will bring together almost 400 people (…)

The European Poet of Freedom Literature Festival: Gdańsk, 23–25 March

Eight poets and their translators have been nominated for this year’s European Poet of Freedom Award. Apart from meet the author events, the festival’s programme is packed with debates and confrontations, 15-minute sets with Polish literary critics, a poetry slam, (…)

Giacomo Puccini’s La bohème on 15 July at Targ Węglowy

The people have spoken! On 15 July, at Targ Węglowy, the spectacular Zeffirelli production of La bohème from The Met will be shown. It’s got as much as 42% yeas, outclassing King Roger (18%), L’elisir d’amore (16%), Un ballo in (…)

Visit the alternative Gdansk!

Wanna know the legends of Biskupia Górka and the curiosities of Dolne Miasto? Or get lost among the beautiful yards of Nowy Port? Interested in the famous Gdansk families who had their summer homes in Orunia? Need more info on (…)

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